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RAD Design has been working in the business for many years, so we have a lot of experience, be it printed or web based. We normally do the work in this format:

Ideas and Research:

One of the most important part of any client based work, is that you got to have as much information as you can get. Without that data, you can always have difficulties. We always try to get as much as we can, be it on the phone or email. We will then do as much research as possible.

New Design/Templates:

As we now have a full understanding on what the clients wants, we will then start creating the work. Sometimes a client would ask for a specific thing, so perhaps we would create only 2 to 3 possible designs. Generally though, we would stick to 4 to 5 – there’s little point to overdo the new creations. Websites may be varied, it’s best to start with just one draft, as then add any new designs. Each part of the coding/layout can be tweaked during the process of the work

Final Design/Printers:

Once the first design has been approved, we work on either the website or printed designs. When we think the printed work is done, we will make sure that we have everything done correctly – CMYK, 300 dpi, bleed/crop marks etc. Once it’s done, we will then give the client the last check out before it goes to the printers.

Website Pages:

Depending on what the clients wants, we will publish each page, and would give a link through email. Each page maybe slightly different – some may ask for a gallery; contact form; log on system, etc. We would test each page before we send it off though – just in case! Same for a shopping cart system, etc. Once it’s all approved, the entire website would be finished.

RAD Design has been working as a creating force for 12 years, some examples:

Graphic Design Samples

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Illustrator & Vector Designs

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Catalogue & Leaflet Designs

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